Testimonial: Angion Biomedica Corp.

We are very fortunate to be working with DSS for our Data Safety Monitoring Board needs. They are very responsive to any questions or concerns, and have an array of highly qualified physicians readily available to serve on the DSMB.

We have so far tasked DSS to coordinate and manage the DSMB for 5 of our clinical trials. The meetings have been with members from the US and the EU, and the meetings were always conducted in a methodical manner, and are always on schedule. Dr. Price always calls us to provide us with the outcome of the meeting within a day (which we truly appreciate) whilst we wait for the formal written response, which usually take less than 2 days. This level of quick response truly helps with the anxiety that usually comes with running clinical trials for a small company.

My expectations is really just to have a highly qualified team of physicians that can serve on the DSMB, and especially for the Phase 1 studies, for meetings to be scheduled so that there are no delays in the recruitment of the next cohort. Not only was that met, but it really has been a real pleasure to work with Dr. Price, who serves as the DSMB chairman, and Kim, who serves as the DSMB coordinator.

An opportunity to work with an easy, no fuss team of highly qualified people.

Candy Bermingham, Ph.D.
Senior Clinical Manager
Angion Biomedica Corp.